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Supreme Court




Under the provisions of the Court Organic Act, the Supreme Court, the High Court and its branches, and the District Courts hear cases. Adjudication adopts the “three- level and three-instance” system in principle. The Supreme Court, located in Taipei City, the seat of the central government, is the highest adjudicative organ and the court of last resort for civil and criminal cases, and decides any dispute concerning the rights of litigants or whether the criminal should be punished conclusively.

The Supreme Court is divided into civil panels and criminal panels. Each panel is composed of one Division-Chief Judge and four Associate Judges to conduct a legal review on case appealed.

The Constitution stipulates that the position of the Judges shall be protected as for-life tenures with the responsibilities for independently rendering judgments free from any interference and bias.


  • Release Date:2020-12-17
  • Update:2023-08-30