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Supreme Court


History and Evolution


 Supreme Court is originated from the Central Judicial Office (Dali Yuan) in the late Qing Dynasty. The Organic Law for the Central Judicial Office in the Qing Dynasty was issued in 1906 (the 32nd year of Emperor Guangxu) and its official system was established in 1907 (the 33rd year of Emperor Guangxu). In December 1909 (the 1st year of Emperor Xuantong), the Law of the Organization of the Judiciary was promulgated. This set up a judicial organ to take charge of adjudication upon civil and criminal cases. It adopted the system of “four-level and three-instance”, with the Dali Yuan, the Supreme Court’s precursor, serving as the court of the third instance.

The Government of the Republic of China that was established in Guangzhou in 1925 maintained the Dali Yuan as the highest adjudicative organ but later changed its name to Supreme Court in 1927 after the National Government made Nanjing the capital. The Organic Law of the Supreme Court of the National Government, promulgated on November 17, 1928, defined the Supreme Court as the country's highest adjudicative organ, thus formally established the Supreme Court. On October 28, 1932, the National Government enacted the Court Organic Act, which changed the “four-level and three-instance” system to the “three-level and three-instance” system. Since then, the Supreme Court has become the court of last resort for civil and criminal litigation cases.

In March 1949, the Supreme Court moved to Guangzhou along with the Judicial Yuan. In August of the same year, it moved from Guangzhou to the office building of Chongqing South Road in Taipei City. In March 1992, it moved to its current address, No. 6, Section 1, Changsha Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City.

  • Release Date:2020-12-17
  • Update:2023-08-30