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Organization and Operation of the Grand Court​

The Supreme Court is the court of last resort for civil litigation and criminal litigation. In order to achieve stability and predictability of the judgment, to provide guidance to the lower trial courts and the people, to ensure consistent application of the law, and to promote the development of the law. The Grand Court is established, within the Supreme Court’s own jurisdiction,  to consolidate legal opinion on the different opinions between several panels arising from the same facts or the points of law with principle significance.

According to the clauses regarding the Grand Court in the Court Organic Act that was promulgated by the President on January 4, 2019 and enacted on July 4 of the same year , the Supreme Court, which has multiple installation of civil panels and criminal panels, shall set up a Civil Grand Court and a Criminal Grand Court  .When any panel reviews a trial case that derives from dissenting opinions or encounters the legal opinions that it deems significant in general principle, the panel shall submit a ruling stating the reasons for its judgment to the Grand Court to adjudicate legal disputes . The Grand Court shall be conducted by a panel of eleven judges, including the presiding judge of the panel, being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or a Division-Chief Judge appointed by the Chief Justice, one associate judge as assigned by the panel submitting the case, and nine associate judges elected by ballot.

The Grand Court shall conduct the oral arguments by counselors on the legal disputes and may seek legal advice from experts and scholars when necessary. A ruling with the main text and the reasons for the decision shall be issued within 30 days of the conclusion of arguments. The dissenting opinions shall be promulgated along with the ruling if there be any. The submitting panel is then legally bound by the ruling of the Grand Court and shall take the Grand Court’s decision as the foundation when ruling on the case.

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